Run For A Better Life 5K - 2021

Run Hope Work is excited to bring forth our Run For A Better Life 5K on September 26 at 8:00am. Racers will take on the fast, flat, out and back 5K course on the C&O Tow Path starting at Fletcher's Cove and initially running upstream. Run Hope Work is a DC based nonprofit organization that helps local youth and adult residents take control of their futures through a holistic work readiness training program. The individuals we aim to uplift are often returning citizens, young adults dealing with housing instability in communities impacted by gun violence.  Run Hope Work implements a running component, a meditation curriculum and workforce training to gain certifications in the construction trades. We take people who are ready to work and make them "Work Ready". 


We are running to raise awareness about our mission and to fundraise for our Post Covid Replacement Strategy.  Funds raised through this 5K will allow Run Hope Work to get more DC youth off the streets, acquire skills and get them into respectable jobs. We're helping empower our community with hopes to end the cycle of poverty and violence. Please join us! Let's all Run for a Better Life

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